Create your intergalactic empire in this space-war themed online game


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OGame is a Massive Multiplayer Online Strategy Playing Game that takes place in the space. Ogame can be played from any web browser on any Operating System.

The game includes a guide that will help you in your first steps in your race to conquer the space. The tutorial uses 'missions' with rewards to help those users who want to know more about the game.

As we use to do in this kind of strategy game, we´ll have to collect resources to develop the economy and military forces of our empire. In order to improve the finances and army we'll have to invest in investigation and infrastructure.

Furthermore we can battle versus other enemies or stablish alliances with them to attack more powerful armies.

OGame offers a huge variety of buildings, spaceships, weapons and more. Each different item has its own features and points which will be important when interacting with the rest of the community.

Build your empire and when it will be strong enough combat enemies to gain more resources and new buildings. Make friends and create new alliances, power up your military forces, etc.

OGame has captivated thousands of users all around the world. Join them!
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